Top Things to Enjoy During Your Luau Kalamaku Hawaii Tours

If you are planning to visit Hawaii then you can go for the Luau Kalamaku Hawaii tour. The Luau is one of the oldest Islands of Hawaii and has a rich culture, spiritual beliefs and has been a favorite among tourists. In Luau Island, one will see many historic places and also ancient temples. It has a special symbol called “Kahului”, which is an important part of the Luau culture. The Luau has played an important role in the Hawaiian civilization, as it is the “Puahua” or the “Lau” name that represents Hawaii in many respects.

The Luau has a very unique spiritual significance to the Islands and people who attend this type of festival become very happy and “in the presence” of their Gods. During this time, rain ceremonies, food offerings, rituals and songs are performed. It is believed that Kauai was given the direction by Puahua to distinguish the heavens from the earth. That is why the people today call the Luau “Kauai” (lit. “the god of the sea”).

Another very famous tourist attraction in the islands is the hula dance. The hula dancers perform to the “Hula” song, which is played by live drums and bugles. This is one way of bringing the native people alive into our modern lives. The hula dance is done by both the males and females of the village, as one performs the dances accompanied by the drums. These dances are known as “Aina” which is considered to be an ancient Polynesian ritual.

Another thing that must be done is to take pictures of the “Mauna Loa”. This is the largest volcano on the island and is a popular attraction among the locals. In fact, most people come here just to watch the volcano during its activity. There is no better way to capture the magic of this place than to get a Luau tour, where you can actually stand right in front of it. The view is simply breathtaking!

The “Puaholewa” is another famous attraction of the Luau. This is the place where the chief’s daughter usually gives birth to the children of the chief. The Puaholewa is also where visitors go to get married. However, the wedding is not held here. Instead, it is conducted at one of the “Aina” houses where the guests are served food and drinks by the Polynesian cooks.

If you want to see a part of Polynesia that is still untouched by humans but rich in spirit, then you should visit “Oahu’s Cradle”. This area is home to many humpback whales and is famous for its amazing scenery. To have a look at these humpback whales, all you need to do is board a whale watching cruise that leaves from the Poipu center. There are two such cruises every day of the week, Monday and Tuesday, arriving at the shores of Oahu’s north coast.

Some people just love to watch the sunsets from the top of the majestic mountains of the island. It is easy to reach the summit; however, it is a bit steep and strenuous walking from there. This is the reason why there is an open-air gym built on the slopes of the mountain. The gym offers a place for visitors to stretch out their legs and enjoy the warm weather.

Luau Kalamaku Hawaii tours offer a wide selection of activities to choose from during their journeys to this island paradise. You will surely love everything that these tours have to offer. Your Luau Hawaiian tour will not be a disappointment because they make sure that you get the most from your Luau Hawaii tour experience.