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Thor’s thoughts on how to keep grades up

I’ve been really stressed out lately trying to balance my grades, and my relationship, and now that spring sports are beginning to start, I don’t know how to manage all of my stress. I don’t want my grades or relationship to suffer because of sports, but I also really want to play. What do you suggest that I do to help keep everything normal, Thor?

Signed, stressed out student

It seems like you’re in quite the pickle aren’t you. One way that I would recommend trying to calm down is by trying not to overthink things too much because that will only stress you out even more, and you don’t need that. What you need to do is find a place to relax so you can calm down and think about things. Then, I would suggest telling your girlfriend that you might not be able to hangout as much as usual because of school, I’m sure she will understand.

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Thor’s thoughts on how to keep grades up