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Robotics Team Wins State Championship

Morgan Schwab, Staff

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On February 27 four students from Cape went to the Robotics State Championship in Camden. Seniors Griffin MacCoy, Jack Kyritsis, and Kyle Eastham and Junior Ryan Wisely brought home a first place in the competition. “The ability to think about something, build it, and see it come to life with an amazing team is amazing!” said Ryan.

When the guys talked about their robot, how it works, how it felt to build it, how they felt at the championship, and what it was like to win they just lit up. They were smiling and laughing, and generally happy about the competition. They were confident but at the same time very humble. “It’s an amazing feeling to see something that was once just a base,” said Jack, “become that [the robot]”.

The way they work as a team is extraordinary! “Each of us have roles to play,” said Kyle. Each person on this team brings something to the table. Kyle and Ryan work the design, Jack does the records and data, and Griffin navigates. “Kyle and Ryan are more serious and Jack and I are more laid back,” said Griffin, “they make us buckle down. It’s a great work atmosphere”.

These four guys went up against a lot of other teams and came out on the top. They didn’t know what to expect; they had no idea what was going to happen. “I was stressed,” said Kyle, “there were a lot of great teams”.

Since they won States they get to go to Nationals where they may have to step up their game, for they won’t be just up against competitors in the state, but teams nationwide. “We still have a lot of work to do” said Kyle.

The team designed and created the robot for the competition. The robot is like a remote control car; it is moved or navigated using a controller. It can pick up a ball and throw it at a target. The guys have a net that they use to throw the balls towards. “We made it in three different parts,” said Griffin, “each part was made, put together, and then perfected to make it work”.

Griffin MacCoy won the Navigation Skills on his own. “The award makes me think that I did my part,” said Griffin, “that I did what I was supposed to do.”

“I feel like in a way were better than the sports teams” concluded Griffin, “like we’re finally important”.

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Robotics Team Wins State Championship