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How Electives are Important in School

McKenzie Sarnak, Staff

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In a lot of schools around the world, students are taught the basic school subjects- math, science, English, and social studies. However, with the increase in technology and how advanced the world is becoming each year, having specific classes for students that are interested in can help in a variety of ways- not only for the school, but also for the students.

By choosing classes other than the usual four subjects, students are more likely to get ahead when it comes to going to college and getting a job. It also allows them to enjoy school more. There are many reasons on how electives make a large, positive impact on students.

Electives are classes that are more than the typical English or science class. Often times, students choose classes that appeal to them and their interests. In several studies, results show that students are more likely to get a degree in a course that they took as an elective.

There are many different options- one for each student. By having classes that students can choose themselves, it will also make them more motivated in school. These classes may seem like a great idea, but at some schools around the country, they are disappearing. Budgets are being cut, and schools cannot afford to pay more money to have teachers teach students in special classes that are “unnecessary.”

These days though, it seems like there are more pros when it comes to electives than cons. Electives can help a student seek his or her hidden talents, interests, or hobbies that they enjoy. They may enjoy a special class or pathway so much that they can decide to major in that field later on in life.

Realizing that electives are important in today’s society will help students get farther academically, and schools with many different electives will appear well-rounded and more professional since it suits students with all different interests. Here at Cape, there are several different career pathways, and by having these elective classes it can help a student realize potential jobs and careers for the future.

There are many benefits for having students take a career pathway and electives; in the end it is all worthwhile. Besides, a student may turn out to find something they are really interested in that they never would have originally thought of!

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How Electives are Important in School