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Do Standardized Tests Improve Student Motivation?

McKenzie Sarnak, Staff

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In almost every school around the country, students in all grades take some form of standardized tests to measure how well they perform in various subjects (English, math, science, etc.). All students need to take these tests, but recently there has been a lot of pressure put onto students to do even better than the last score they received. While it’s a good idea, it may seem like too much, especially when there is still homework, tests, and projects in other classes to accomplish along with them. However, standardized tests can help America see where they are with education compared to other countries, and can even help determine how well students in different states do.

 In recent studies, states around the country are controversial about whether or not standardized tests are a good idea. Some say that they help students with test taking skills and can help teachers see how well and effective their teaching skills are.

Standardized tests can also improve student motivation. When students are encouraged to set high goals for these tests, and are praised on their accomplishments afterwards, they feel like they are able to do better on tests and projects and assignments. It can make the entire school community better and a more positive environment.

There are people who disagree, saying it’s just a small part of education, and it does not calculate how well students perform in a reasonable, fair way. What if the student quickly rushed through the test, or didn’t try as hard as they would have liked? Everything can be a factor when it comes to standardized tests, and it’s hard to put all energy and concentration into it for hours at a time.

More and more schools are giving new forms of standardized tests in new ways based on the technology. They are also thinking of new ways to make students more motivated about taking standardized tests, as a lot of students can get stressed the week they take them. If there are a lot of pros to standardized tests, then why isn’t everybody agreeing with them?

It can be hard to tell, but this is a big way American students and their education is measured and rated against other countries throughout the world. Improving student motivation before, during, and after standardized tests-along with other factors and steps schools can take- the results may improve, and students will be able to relax a little more when taking them.

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McKenzie Sarnak, Editor

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Do Standardized Tests Improve Student Motivation?